Inspector Dupin (4) - Brittany's Pride

Book adaptation/Crime, Germany 2017

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Former acting star Sophie Bandol discovers a corpse at night. She is startled and calls the police, but when they arrive, the body has disappeared. Did she only imagine what she saw? Is it the excesses of the fantasy of a somewhat capricious diva, as Inspector Kadeg suspects? Inspector Dupin takes a different view. The fact that there is no corpse does not mean that no crime has taken place. Dupin buries himself in the investigation and finds a missing Scottish businessman named Mackenzie. Shortly afterwards another dead man is found. Also a Scot. Apparently the two deaths are related. Both men had recently travelled from Scotland to Brittany - to kill each other there? That makes no sense. Dupin's research leads him to oyster farmer Baptiste Kolenc and businessman Matthieu Tordeux.
88 min
FSK 12
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Thomas Roth


Jean-Luc Bannalec (Crime Novel)


Fabian Römer


Iris Kiefer


Pasquale Aleardi (Georges Dupin)

Joachim Bißmeier (Baptiste Kolenc)

Annika Blendl (Nolwenn)

Ludwig Blochberger (Riwal)

Holger Handtke (Pierre Delsard)

Roland Koch (Matthieu Tordeux)

Udo Samel (Locmariaquer)

Jan Georg Schütte (Inspector Thierry Kadeg)

Original title:

Kommissar Dupin - Bretonischer Stolz

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16:9 HD, Color

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FSK 12

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